Slipknot – Single Review

First time listening to the first note, the first riff, the first beat, I thought “this is not that bad” and  “I quiet like it”, listening to the classic sound of their drum beat and sound, that made them a big name in the metal world. Then the more I listen to it, i believed it didn’t have the same punch that their other songs, such as “Duality” and “Before I forget”. I didn’t have the edge that makes you want to trash up your bed room, cause you can feel their energy. This maybe due to the change of the members or even the fact that Slipknot wanted to try something a little different.

The single “The Negative One ‘ is out now



Korn – Spikes In My Veins

Should watch this video. It is based on the American Government taking control of your privacy.  hey have used different news bulletins from American New channels, which talk about different news stories to do with this situation, and then they “cover it up” by talking about different celebrities lives  and what they have done. I personal believe that they use celebrities as a cover up, because they want people to “be happy” and not have to worry about what the Government are doing. Almost using it as a brainwashing tool.This video really explains what is going on the world and people need to be more open minded about political views, and about what they watch, or idolise.
Most of the shots there are many different controversial settings and shots, for example the one that stands out more than any other ; in the shot it goes to a judge holding a hammer and then it cuts to another shot of Miley Cyrus licking a sledge hammer, and it just shows the similarities and how they can be covered up.



Thirty Seconds To Mars’ Closer To The Edge


This is one of my all time favourite song and bands, and i have to say that it is one of the few music video that I could re watch over and over again. There many elements about this video that they have produced for this song, this is a more fictional piece do to it been about a real event that happened, so it rather that there been a layed out scene or different aspects of it having retakes and a full crew with actors, and directors, this was shot in many different location around the world, due to is basically being a very short documentary of the that they did in 2009-2012. Doing over 300 show all around the world.

This music video is very unique in the way it is made and the mass production of the concerts and the production of the shots, even though it  wasn’t staged for an music video. The common generic theme for videos for these types of band like this one they don’t follow the general conventions of normal music videos to do with the genre of music, there is no main connection between their music videos. Although they always mention the Echelon which their fan base, so they are using their videos to get there idea about their music and entertaining and informing their fans.

There is not really a storyline in this music video but it shows the progress of the band in the way they perform and the way that they way they respect their fan opinions and input to their music, also they put people opinions on life and their aspects of how they feel their life is because of the music for example, ” some people pray I turn up the radio” shows people that they have a big effect on people’s lives. The way they have used the different setting and area as different parts of the tour they enjoyed the most. Which  love about this band the fact they wanna share their experiences with all their fans and wanna show how much they appreciate where they have to.